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Apex of Agave- One Night Only at Las Almas Rotas

  • Las Almas Rotas 3615 Parry Avenue Dallas, TX, 75226 United States (map)

On Thursday, October 3rd we are proud to present an unprecedented evening with four of the top names in Mexican spirits.

David Suro’s importance to the category cannot be overstated. As the head of Siembra Spirits he has endeavored to cultivate brands with not only top quality but sustainable and ethical production. As the creator of the Tequila Interchange Project he has opened the conversation for the future of tequila production. With their Bat Friendly Project they have been working with biologists and brands to combat genetic hegemony in cultivated agaves while benefiting one of their main pollinators, bats.

Pedro Jiménez created Mezonte to promote and protect traditional mezcal production in Mexico and highlight their cultural importance to the communities that produce and consume them. He curates some of the best spirits available throughout Mexico with a focus on Jalisco and Michoacán. Based in Guadalajara, the Mezonte tasting room is a place of learning and a must stop for fans of agave spirits. His mezcaleria, Pare Sufrir, Tome Mezcal, is a rollicking bar that highlights the celebratory nature of the spirits that is endemic to its essence and cultural relevance.

Emilio Vieyra is a fifth generation maestro mezcalero and owner of the brand Don Mateo de la Sierra, produced at his vinata high in the mountains. By using unique production methods and agaves endemic to the area as well as the knowledge that has been passed down through generations, he continues the rich legacy of mezcal production in the Michoacán.

Salvador Rosales is the scion of a great family of tequila producers that goes back generations. At the distillery Cascahuín in the valles region of Jalisco, their brands have long had cult status with tequila enthusiasts. Partnering with David Suro on the Siembra Valles brand, they also produced the amazing Siembra Ancestral tequila, using ancestral methods such as earthen horno cooked agave and hand maceration to produce a true expression of “vino mezcal de tequila”. They have recently installed a tahona mill to macerate agave for an expression of their house brand which is now available in the US. By looking to the past, they hope to guide the future traditions of tequila production.

All of them will be here for one night only. Come and meet the masters of agave and learn from some of the top people in the industry. It’s free and open to the public and only at Las Almas Rotas.